Guardian Link

Humble Beginnings. Amazing Journeys.

Bootstrapped. Founded 2016.


Our Journey is grounded in the innovation of Blockchain industry

  • 2016

    The company was established as a Blockchain R&D & Preferred Product Development organization

  • 2017

    Over 20+ Custom Blockchains Implemented

    2 Payment Gateways Productized

    Supported Launch of 2 Major Tokens

  • 2018

    Tokenization & Products

    Over 30+ Custom Blockchains Integrated

    3 Additional Payment Gateways Developed

    Creation Of 3 Major Tokens for 3rd Party Offerings

  • 2019

    Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

    R&D Of Non-Fungible Tokens and Productization

    Development Of NFT Marketplace and Launchpad

  • 2020

    Product Launch

    Branded NFT MarketPlace & LaunchPad

    R&D On Legitimacy Protocol & Marketplace Dynamics

    DeepEther Spyder for AI Pattern Recognition

  • 2021 Q2


    Guardian Link Launched.

    International Partnerships & Business Development Infrastructure

    R&D Accelerated for Legitimacy Protocol Framework

    Began EIP Development

  • 2021 Q4

    Public & Private Sale

    Launch Tokenomics For Private & Public Sale

    Support 40+ Branded NFT Marketplaces Globally For Brands & Creators

  • 2022 Q1

    Legitimacy Framework Launch

    Launch Wallet Cipher

    Open Wallet Verification Service For Marketplaces and Creators

    Provide First Open EIP Submission

Our Team

Keyur Patel

Co-Founder & Chairman

He is one the most dynamic visionaries in the digital realm. He incubated hatched and funded some of the most successful companies including Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, PayPal, Sky+, NDTV, Yahoo! and Fabrik

Ramkumar Subramaniam

Co-Founder & CEO

Having helped create a $3B MarketCap for our partners, Ram, an early crypto-adopter and diehard decentralisation fan, is a Co-Founder of Guardian. His vision is to make sure 1 Million Artists make $1 Million each on Guardian Link.

Arjun Reddy

Co-Founder & CTO

Arjun fancys a role like Prometheus who brings the Fire from Gods to mortals, he makes technology that only Billion dollar conglomerates take advantage of, to the realm of startups. He has helped more than 100+ startups create their vision and become market leaders.

Kameshwaran Elangovan

Co-Founder & COO

Coming from the traditional IT startup world, Kamesh founded a company during his college years and grew it up to be 350+ strong. He has executed 50+ of the most complex crypto project launches for our R&D partners so that their communities had reason to trust their roadmaps.

Sandrina Paula

Vice President

Sandrina is the new age millennial, fashion trendsetter who is a crypto geek herself. She has worked on some of the most interesting brands such as Fedex, HCL, Four Seasons, Sky+ for Business Development & as a Human Resource Strategist. At Guardian she is focussed on International Brand Partnerships.

Advisors Team

Barrie M. Osborne

A prolific hollywood mogul, producer of Academy Award winning titles like Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, The Great Gatsby and several such epic media ventures. He is now leading Hollywood to adopting blockchain through ventures like Guardian.

Ross Levinsohn

Current CEO of Maven Media which controls Sports Illustrated and The History Channel among other media brands. He is best known for his roles at Yahoo and Fox, Ross has served as CEO of a number of high profile brands -- driving change, culture and results.

Sonja Nuttall

Sonja Nuttall is the Global Creative Director and Partner at TCG. As a leading British designer, Sonja Nuttall’s talent has been called up by varying fields of design, from interiors to fashion and even the interior of a Rolls Royce. Companies such as Jill Sanders, John Varvatos, Marks & Spencer, Margaret Howell and Furla have chosen to work with her for her impeccable taste, attention to detail and level of sophistication. She is also partner and designer for Donna Karen.

Exclusive Invite

The decentralization movement is what will propel our world to a Type-1 Civilization. Just as the internet boom changed the world putting progress on steroids, this decentralized revolution through Smart Contracts will usher in a new age of thinking across national borders and ethnicities. An emerging population looking to join this crypto revolution has to navigate various challenges. This is where Guardian Link serves as a reliability protocol and enables indivisibility, recoverability, and theft-proofs NFTs and Smart Contracts. If you are interested in being part of the biggest paradigm shift in decentralized space, drop us a line.