Here it is!

Our first-ever contest comes to an end. GuardianLink kick-started a super fun contest on September 10, 2021, and wrapped it by September 30, 2021. The contest drove around Your Unique NFT Ideas. To put more spotlight into it, we provided our fellow Guardians, a forum where they can fill in their unique NFT ideas alongside their particular social media pages/links.

As we know, GuardianLink is a no-code NFT platform that enables artists, brands, creators, and celebrities across the world to come forward and launch their NFTs in their own launchpads. The level of engagement and the ideas received have been truly overwhelming to us. Let us keep this drive going, moving forward to another contest, another exciting winning price, and above all another chance to enhance the NFT community.

Well, before that!

Here is the list of winners who have been shortlisted among the top5 unique NFT ideas. Skicsyen (@skicsyen), Crypto Chow (@ChowCrypto), James Peter (@peterthealpha), ρяαвαкαяαи (@prabakaran046), Lucky Octopus (@WandererArtist1).Hence, these NFT admirers have won a solid winning price of 500USDT ( 100 USDT each).

GuardianLink congratulates the winners and wishes them all the very best for our future contest too. Well, winners could be just five, but each idea we received has made an impact for betterment.