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Import Existing Accounts

Multi-chain compatibility

Social Verification

Distributed Key Infrastructure (DKI)

Auto-listing of tokens and collectibles

What makes the

Wallet Chat

Connect with other users using our end-to-end encrypted chat feature. This social feature is available on our Android and iOS apps and lets you engage with like-minded people all over the world.

Support for multiple networks

The Guardian Wallet supports Ethereum and widely used Ethereum-based networks, Polygon and Binance. Compatibility with StarkNet is in progress as well.

Distributed Key Infrastructure

Distributed Key Infrastructure splits a user’s private key and stores it in multiple systems. A user can reconstruct their key by combining any of the two key shares, making their security a surety.

Mobile OTP Authentication

The Guardian Wallet gives you the simplicity of OTP authentication, making your entry into Web3 easy and efficient. The wallet is also equipped with password-less authentication and ensures that the wallet ecosystem cannot retry its key without the user’s authentication.

Import and Export of Private keys

Our wallet provides you with the option of importing and exporting your private keys from and to other wallets. We give you all the protection you need to facilitate the process.

Digital Collectible Management

ERC20 tokens and other digital collectibles can be listed, imported, and transferred using the Guardian Wallet with a mechanism that gives you complete control of your assets.

Social Recovery

To ensure your total security, we also have a system in place to retrieve your account using social login and your device’s local storage data. At any moment, you can rest assured that your data is uncompromised.

About the

Extension Integration

With the Guardian Wallet extension, you can access your wallet at your convenience. Simply install the wallet extension in your browser and enjoy having your assets at your fingertips. To make it even more accessible, download our app available for both iOS and Android.

Social login

A sudden shift to Web3 may often be a challenge. To facilitate seamless creation of your Web3 wallet, we use the familiar look and feel of the typical Web2 social login. Access your wallet using e-mail and Google sign-ins and with mobile OTP authentication.

Address Book

Another superior, distinctive feature of our Web3 wallet development is that users can list their favorite addresses for faster token transfers. This lets you add your most-used addresses and transfer tokens quickly.

Simplified Wallet Address

Tired of complex alphanumeric public addresses that can very easily be mistyped? We’ve got you covered. Make transactions simpler by using ENS and BNS within the Guardian Wallet.


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