For Creators x Collectors

Bid Price Predictive Algorithm

With high velocity data derived from various sources, our platform will inform you of the optimal Bid Price for any NFT.

Source of Fund Cipher

With complex tracking on multiple mainnets, we can arrive at any degree separated source of funds to become aware of manipulations.

NFT Distribution Curve Algorithm

When you mint an NFT, the bonding curve should be one of the factors that help jumpstart your own ecosystem. We can help.

Anti Rip Technology

Like the traditional digital media industry, piracy is rampant in NFT verses as well. We have the perfect tools to combat that.

Authenticity Recognition Protocol

Protecting your unique work of art is a matter of indexing and inventorying entire NFT markets to alert the owner of a replication.

Trade Insights Interface

When a Hong Kong based fund or Stanford University starts buying a particular collection, you will be the first to know and participate.

Truly Interoperatble

Let's put it this way: If a Solana NFT Marketplace is getting a heck a'lot of traction, it makes sense to port your NFT that was minted on Ethereum or Polygon to Solana blockchain. We make sure the provenance and the royalties to the original artists remain the same even across the realms.

GuardianLink Protocol Feature Set

Our features range from protecting not only the art and the artist but also the collectors.

Anti Rip - DEC_SEC

The most important aspect of art for both artists and collectors is for the value to be unique. Which is where our Anti-Rip Protocol kicks into action as decentralized security built-in to NFTs we mint.

Market Manipulation

Just like Greco in Oceans 13, our platform will crawl and index all the events emitted by major marketplaces, while determining if any price movement is either organic or manufactured.

Royalties Across Borders

For artists, we provide a one stop solution to enforce their NFT royalties across marketplaces and for that matter, even across blockchains. Now your collectors can truly be free to find forward buyers wherever they want.

Trading View but for NFTs

When we identify a whale or institution buying an NFT in a nondescript way, we then take a deeper look at that collection so that we beat the FOMO before anyone else.


When a decentralized governance protocol that includes collectors and the artist decide democratically, we initiate doomsday protocol to recover an NFT completely.

Dupe Alert

Think of Google on steroids for the NFT universe. As soon as any one of your NFTs finds itself a dopple ganger in any marketplace, you will be the first to know, to take action in anyway you see fit.

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