GuardianLink Introduction


GuardianLink- What we do, why we do!

GuardianLink, a no-code NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform, enables creators, artists, brands, and celebrities worldwide, to mold their NFTs with their own launchpads. Our high-end legitimacy protocol ensures the authenticity of NFTs like no one else. Our custom templates and smart contract management allows high-end brands and artists to publish, mint, preview, and manage their unique no-code curated NFTs.

Before diving into what more GuardianLink has to offer, here is the team and its effort

behind it.

Guardian Link is a result of intensive work methodologies, technological experts on the table, and a community of 350 tech researchers with 4plus years of progress. Its research and development focus on blockchain technology and its business on a global scale. By creating a one-of-a-kind platform where creators can curate their unique NFTs, we as an organization focus on providing a crystal clear process for creators, bidders, and buyers that accelerates the NFT eco-system.

Here is what we offer and guide you all along with an absolute ease

No-Code NFT Platform: Enough of taking days and months to create an NFT marketplace, while Guardian allows users to launch their NFT platform instantly within minutes through their simple UI-driven no-code solution.

Legitimacy Protocol: No more duplicates and counterfeit NFTs. We use an AI/ML solution to identify the counterfeited NFTs. Our Anti-Rip Spyder Technology will crawl across the marketplaces and disclose duplicated NFTs. Also, we prove the rightful owner of the asset through our decentralized registry, which provides a comprehensive record of NFT creators.

Cross-Marketplace and Cross-blockchain Royalty Rights: We give the privilege for creators to take their NFT across diverse blockchain networks with their royalties intact. Cool, right? We do this through our synthetic minting function.

Thus, Guardian Link is a product by the creators for the creator. Or let’s just say, it’s also a product carved by a set of NFT admirers to a world of NFT enthusiasts.

The powers behind this technology, Keyur Patel, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Guardian Link, Ramkumar Subramaniam, Co-Founder & CEO, Arjun Reddy Co-Founder & CTO, Kamesh Elangovan Co-Founder & COO. The core team strives to regulate the NFT sphere to be legitimate and an ideal platform where every individual can curate their own no-code NFTs.

As a blockchain-driven entity, GuardianLink aims at protecting the NFTs using their Anti-Rip AI Engine and also to ensure royalties for creators across various marketplaces and blockchains. We envision a future where the NFT platform is readily available for all the legitimate creators out there, to bestow the remarkable value of their masterpieces.

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