GuardianLink's Flagship Marketplace Featured In Pilot Marketplaces For Twitter NFT Tweet Tiles

2022-05-01, the flagship NFT marketplace of GuardianLink gets the distinction to be among the chosen 4 marketplaces to pilot the new Twitter experience called NFT Tweet Tiles! This is a resounding testimony to the awesomeness of the marketplace and its relevance in today’s NFT landscape.

With this feature in place, it would be possible for people to view more details about the NFT right on Twitter itself when a link to one of the NFTs from the marketplace is used on a tweet. This is bound to expand the scope and reach of NFTs in general.

GuardianLink has endeavoured to function like a Prometheus bringing NFTs to everyone. The quest to make NFTs available for everyone by GuardianLink is not limited to just the technology but also encompasses territories like creating concepts, forging partnerships, and a lot more.

One such vivid manifestation of this relentless focus of GuardianLink was the creation of, its flagship NFT marketplace. The marketplace is the digital venue to play Meta Cricket League, the world’s first P2E cricket game. Cricket, as you may have known, is the most popular game in the subcontinent and the second most popular game on the planet.

This new endorsement by Twitter will be another credential added to GuardianLink in its vision to make NFTs available for everyone.

A word of thanks and acknowledgment goes to our team and of course, our community who have always stood by us and kept us encouraged with all their inputs and constructive feedback.

We believe that this will be the start of many more things to be achieved for GuardianLink and!

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