Will Metaverse change the fundamentals of communications?


History has made us aware that almost any new invention that addresses the most basic needs of humans turns out to be revolutionary. Communication is one of the most essential needs of humans.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that humans have thrived because of their ability to communicate ideas with one another. This has led to the formation of businesses, relationships, and more!!

Communication has always sought to bring together people beyond their differences and barriers. We could take examples right from the usage of pigeons to communicate messages between kingdoms to this day when the Internet is breaking all barriers.

In the middle of this, communication has also sought to be more humane. Even if it were to be a communication established between two different entities belonging to different corners of the globe, people had always wanted that communication to be real lifelike.

Almost every technical advancement has progressed in this direction. Something as simple as a telephone to something as complex as a VR chat room has been bent on working to make this territory better. The latest addition to this bandwagon of communication improvement methods is the blockchain, Web3, NFTs, and one of their most important derivatives called the metaverse.

This moment calls us to look for an answer on what the metaverse exactly is. The metaverse, as the name implies, is a universe beyond the one that exists. It is a digital universe where one can function as an extension of their real self but in the digital space.

It might raise questions on how the authenticity of the personality in the metaverse can be established. This is taken care of by nonfungible tokens, commonly abbreviated NFTs. NFTs take care to prove their uniqueness, thanks to the inherent properties of the underlying distributed digital ledger technology called skit.

How will the metaverse influence communication?

Remember we have been talking about how communication has always focused on making it lifelike without compromising on versatility? The metaverse handles that aspect precisely.

This ensures that it is possible for two people… or rather, their extended digital personalities to meet in a digital world, have a meaningful conversation at a coffee table, close a business deal, and get back to their own version of the real world (yes! We are looking at different definitions of reality!).

This opens up a plethora of opportunities for celebrities, brands, businesses, and individuals.

Let us look at things one by one!

Celebrities have always sought to establish a meaningful and authentic connection with their fans. However, they also understand that the cost at which it comes is not worth the experience they can give their fans… Although in the heart of their hearts, they would like to. There is a heavy compromise on their privacy and their safety.

However, in the metaverse, it becomes possible for a person to interact with their favorite celebrity as if they are sitting next to each other. What is even better in this experience is that they can do it in front of other personalities, making it something worth flaunting. For all you know, the entire metaverse experience could be video graphed and put up on a video-sharing platform for everyone to see that the fan has had a wonderful chance to interact with their favorite celebrity.

The same inclination towards giving an immersive experience also applies to brands. Some brands command an unparalleled emotional attachment from their fans. These brands are close to the hearts of their fans and consumers. These brands can, by bringing the metaverse into the picture, create unique experiences for their fans and loyalists. The experiences might include exclusive event participation, access to digital merchandise as NFTs, rights to participate in certain meetings, and sometimes, even a chance to meet with the brand ambassador.

Businesses are now not about a product or a service but about an experience they can create. Going in line with this, businesses can even consider opening a customer support or customer experience environment in the metaverse. This would mean that customers can walk around the metaverse, experience products and services, talk to the representatives of the business, avail customer support, give feedback, and do a lot more… And that too, with a sense of participation that can never draw parallels in the existing digital world. This is where the awesomeness of Web3 comes in.

Let us take a simple example. Sometimes… And at least during the pandemic, we saw a lot of people step into video calling. It could be for simple reasons like wishing their loved one a very happy birthday. It could have been done over the telephone! However, they would have gotten into a video conferencing app. Why is that so?

The simple answer lies in the fact that people love experiences that give them a closer feeling of interaction. While video conferencing is one level of experience, the metaverse elevates this experience to a completely different level. The metaverse has the credentials to converge the versatility of digital communication with the awesomeness and belongingness of physical communication!

That the future of communication belongs to the metaverse… And individuals are likely to exist as NFTs in the digital space. Please do not be surprised when someone comes and asks you “what is your Metaverse avatar name?!“

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