GuardianLink Ushering NFTs For Creators


When it comes to the NFT scene in India, the name “GuardianLink” is bound to be a part of any conversation surrounding it. No doubt, GuardianLink has created an inseparable relationship with NFTs, especially when it comes to a huge market like India. This does not, however, limit the possibilities that GuardianLink brings to the table to single geographic confinement. The scope, the reach, and the vision that GuardianLink has with respect to NFTs are, to say the least, quite vast and farsighted.

A Quick Walkthrough:

Our vision has always been to make NFTs accessible, available, and affordable for everyone. It is only in this endeavor that we launched India’s first rare-art celebrity NFTs featuring the Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan. At a time when most prominent NFTs were selling in the order of thousands of dollars, we brought the concept of Loot Box where people could get their hands on extremely expensive and lucrative NFTs for just $10 each! We hold it high in our legacy as a moment of indomitable pride that we broke some of the hardest barriers that deter people from getting into NFTs, especially in India. The power of the brand ‘Amitabh Bachchan’, the affordability of the NFTs at $10, and above everything, the accessibility to buy NFTs by using simple and everyday payment instruments like credit cards, debit cards, and net banking in addition to crypto had made it quite an epoch-making moment for GuardianLink, for India, and for NFTs at a global forum.

Keeping aloft our quest for bringing NFTs to everyone, we also launched NFTs of the only Indian superhero co-created by Stan Lee. The Chakra the Invincible NFT Collection shattered records going on to become one of the fastest selling NFTs, selling more than 12,000 NFTs in less than 120 seconds.

We have stories after stories that proclaim our supremacy in the world of NFT. But does it completely go in line with our vision of making NFTs available for everyone?

Maybe… And maybe not!

The reason why we have, by ourselves, included the negative side of things is that we envision a world of NFTs where it is not easy only for consumers but even for creators to float their own NFTs across marketplaces or even their own launchpads. If we were to make NFTs available for everyone, it also needs to percolate to the levels of NFT creators., one of the platforms launched by GuardianLink, has already opened up its marketplace’s doors for a segment of elite and curated creators who can now approach the platform to host their NFT creations on the marketplace. This is just a spark of what is going to become brightly ablaze as a lucrative, promising, and encouraging venue for creators to showcase their NFTs.

What The Future Looks Like:

We firmly believe that the demand-and-supply equation needs to be balanced for any business or any product, and NFTs are not an exception. There is a need for a democratic room to be created for people who create their own art or music or videos or anything that can be made into NFTs. It is only then that we will see a healthy balance between people who create NFTs and people who buy NFTs.

GuardianLink has always focused on making the entire NFT space centered around the community. As one of the first steps towards this focal point, we have launched the game Meta Cricket League on our exclusive marketplace While the game might have elements of centralization right now, the roadmap clearly defines that the game, its dynamics, and its future course including but not limited to features and rewards, will be entirely decided by the community.

You can soon await a time when GuardianLink will introduce a platform for creators where they again not only list but also promote and collaborate to elevate NFTs, their awareness, and their consumption to a different level!

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