India’s First Zero Gas Fee Layer 2 For NFTs


GuardianLink is an NFT ecosystem consisting of a multi-blockchain protocol, whitelabel open order book based marketplace and launchpad solution. We provide seamless integration for Web3 games, brands, artists, and Metaverses.

We launched official Amitabh Bachchan (India’s largest celebrity with over 200 Million followers) NFTs for $1+ Million and it became India’s first successful NFT drop. We broke the barrier to entry for common non-crypto aware folks by allowing UPI (Similarly we supported ACH in the US) and international credit/debit card payments to buy into this piece of NFT history. Every NFT buyer saw their value go up by 2000% within 60 days when we launched India’s first NFT Marketplace with fiat/crypto payment support. Recognising our community’s strength, the estate of Stan Lee, Co-Creator of Marvel Comics, in partnership with Orange Comet and Graphic chose to partner with GuardianLink to launch official Stan Lee’s Chakra NFTs. The entire collection of 12000+ NFTs sold out within a minute.

Since then, GuardianLink’s marketplaces powered the launch of LA Times, MTV, Hindustan Times and is the partner of choice for hundreds more that are coming up.

We are launching the world’s first Cricket NFT play to earn game and two addictive car racing games (One playable and one strategy based) in Q2 & Q3 2022. Multiple Pocketverses and Metaverses are in production for our brand and artist partners to give a native Web3 experience to their fanbase. All of our NFT holders will have tangible utility when they bring any NFT they acquired from GuardianLink ecosystem to these properties. Our orderbook is open and available to all our partners with incentive to drive community trade.

Our primary goal in all of this is to create utilities and benefits for our community. In any NFT related venture, the primary concern is being on the most trusted network. That to us, is unquestionably Ethereum. But the barrier to using Ethereum for high frequency transaction intensive projects is its high Gas Fees and tx time. We wanted to build or leverage the most secure and versatile scaling solution that will offer our community Zero Gas Fees along with very high throughput.

There are multiple rollup types with fundamentally different methodologies of being able to create fast and cost effective transactions while still leveraging the immutability of Ethereum. We chose a solution that is inherently private and future-proofed by being post-quantum-secure and with Ethereum as the public commitment layer.

We have partnered with the most validated (More than 50 Million NFTs minted and 150 Million transactions processed, and with Half a Trillion Dollars in cumulative trading value) solution on the planet – StarkWare to bring the entire GuardianLink community of NFT Holders, brands, artists and games – Zero Gas Fees Layer 2 for NFTs.

StarkWare is the creator of ZK-STARKs, a private zero-knowledge proof system.

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