Jump.Trade – What, Why And How


At GuardianLink, breaking records is just a new normal … And it has become so habituated for us that we end up breaking our own records! This is precisely what has happened with the latest NFT drop on Jump.trade, and the numbers speak for themselves!

A quick recap

Stan Lee’s Chakra the Invincible NFTs sold more than 12000 NFTs in less than 2 minutes. We also recorded about 6 million visitors to our website at a single time during the launch of Amitabh Bachchan’s exclusive NFTs!

Here again, for our Cricket game NFTs on Jump.trade, we’ve not spared the chance of creating a formidable record! We sold a staggering 55,000 NFTs in a span of nine minutes. That equates to about 0.009 seconds for every NFT being sold.

These NFTs that will enable you to play Meta Cricket League, the world’s first Play-to-Earn Cricket game. It is true that we have been talking about our game NFTs, and especially the authenticated and signed cricket bat NFTs for about a couple of months now.

The most fitting reciprocation of our efforts was felt when we received more than 200% of our NFT numbers for pre-booking. As if that was not enough, the enthusiastic NFT community made us flabbergasted once more with the lightning strike of NFT sales… Bringing down the numbers to zero in less than nine minutes!

The NFT drop for the Meta Cricket League game is just the start of many awesome things to come in the cricket metaverse.

We launched our Jump.trade marketplace, presenting another chance to buy these prized NFTs!

This space has seen 1000 trades in just a day, hence making a statement that exclusive Meta Cricket League NFT assets are everything that you should be fighting for.

We are awaiting the day when P2E gaming will be one of the most lucrative avenues to earn your income in the Web3 world, and we’d love GuardianLink and Jump.trade to be vital elements in the ecosystem. We’ve got more sports-related drops lined up and we’re sure it’s gonna be yet another experience of purchasing NFTs.

Cheers, on creating history together, like always!

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