Nothing & Flipkart’s Transformation. NFTs Powered By GuardianLink On Polygon


The primary mission of GuardianLink is to ensure that Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) did not spare any crevice in our lives. We firmly believe that NFTs have the potential to replace a lot of things that can be considered mainstream in our everyday lives. And that is one reason we have always been glued to our vision of "NFTs for all!"

Needless to say, it is not just the people but also certain brands and businesses that need the enlightenment to understand the awesomeness of NFTs, so they can connect with customers better and in dimensions never imagined before.

It took a couple of brands to understand what NFTs could do to India, especially when it comes to a business segment in India that has gained a lot of prominence over the past decade. We are talking about e-commerce.

E-commerce in India is synonymous with Flipkart. Flipkart probably put India on the e-commerce map of the world. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the company started a trend in India that went on to create a series of e-commerce companies that started to bear the suffix "kart". Today, India might be 105 unicorns strong but the spark of unicorns was lit by Flipkart.

Another company that might have been late to the game but prominent nevertheless is Nothing. The name might sound strange and intriguing for a mobile phone company. This United Kingdom-based mobile company introduced its flagship phone Nothing (1). Nothing (1) is all set to be sold in India on Flipkart.

Going in line with the expectations, Flipkart launched its own NFT platform called FireDrops. Nothing, through Flipkart, has scheduled its exclusive NFTs to be airdropped on FireDrops. They decided to do it on the Polygon blockchain.

The greatest point of joy for GuardianLink is the fact that we are the technical partner for Flipkart to power its FireDrops NFT platform.

GuardianLink is completely thrilled to be a part of what could be very easily called the largest ever Web3 deal in India. This marks the foray of the e-commerce space into the Web3 arena. This epoch-making event marks the convergence of four globally renowned brands to create a grand Web3 ecosystem, Flipkart, Nothing, GuardianLink, and Polygon.

What Does This Imply?

This collaboration implies the transformation of the e-commerce segment in India and its venture into the Web3 space. E-commerce is no longer about transactions but more about emotions. Flipkart understands this equation and leveraged the expertise of GuardianLink in exploring its possibilities in the Web3 space with NFTs.

Collaboration implies the willingness to participate. We are talking about four different organizations. One belonging to the e-commerce space, one belonging to NFT enablement, one belonging to phone manufacturing, and one belonging to the blockchain space. Coming together to initiate an event that would be etched in gold when it comes to India's tryst with tech.

The collaboration implies the importance of India in the global Web3 and blockchain scene. India is an inevitable component when it comes to the global market, And now that the consumption patterns for almost everything have rather become flat, India cannot be ignored. The fact that an Indian e-commerce company, a Singaporean NFT technology enablement company, and an Indian blockchain company have come together in empowering a mobile phone company based out of the United Kingdom into NFTs is a resounding testimony to the fact that the scope of the technology is global, and India cannot be ignored.

Inevitably, this collaboration implies that NFTs are here to stay. The association of NFTs with something (relatively) traditionally rooted like e-commerce shows the fact that NFTs are independent of cryptocurrency when it comes to their existence and relevance. This will be one of the key partnerships that will help in proclaiming for NFTs, a right of existence on their own without having a need to depend on cryptocurrency.

The Nothing NFT drops on FireDrops, called the Nothing Community Dots, represent an important event in the adoption and relevance of NFTs. GuardianLink is proud, happy, and elated to have been a part of this collective endeavour that will go a considerable distance in proving the awesomeness of NFTs to a market like India and an audience like the entire planet!

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