Solving The Challenges Of The Future – GuardianLink’s Avant Garde


GuardianLink has already established an undeniable synonymy with excellence. GuardianLink has already been associated with a few revolutionary happenings in the world of NFTs, especially in India. GuardianLink is the powerhouse behind the launching of India's first rare art celebrity NFT featuring the legendary Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

In this juggernaut roll of breaking records, GuardianLink has not forgotten the core philosophy on which it was founded. It's blossoming from a group of three founders to a globally renowned blockchain company with more than 350 enthusiasts is nothing short of an epoch-making journey.

In this eventful sojourn filled with milestones, GuardianLink has always been intent on focusing on the future in line with its philosophy of making NFTs available for all.

The Territories Of Focus We envision a day when NFTs will be the order of the day for anything and everything. It is not a distant utopia considering the possibility that everything can be made into an NFT open (except for a few emotions maybe!)

To ensure that GuardianLink is at the helm of affairs for NFTs not as an element of being a digital collectible or an element of proving ownership but as an element of being a part and parcel of everyone's lifestyle, we have brought in a few services and aspects.


Yes... The blockchain is inherently secure. However, there is also a need to ensure that there are no duplicates that interfere with the provenance of your NFT. We understand that a malicious step taken in this direction would mean disaster for the entire ecosystem.

Keeping this in mind, we have introduced the Anti.RIP Spyder technology that helps scout the entire web for duplicates of your NFT. It might, on the surface, look like an element of Web 2.0 but let us admit it... The need for protecting the original against duplicates goes back to the time when arts started to get connected with artists!

The Anti.RIP Spyder technology ensures that your NFT is not in the clutter... At a time when everyone around is so busy and absorbed in making their own NFTs and dropping their own NFT connections... Be it individuals or artists or brands or celebrities.

The No-Code Launch Pad And Marketplace:

That brings us to the next futuristic perspective that GuardianLink brings in terms of its offerings. As of now, the blockchain is considered to be complex and a bit inaccessible to the common person. It is marginally difficult to find people who have the right coding/development language about blockchain, leave alone NFTs.

To ensure that the gap of inaccessibility between an idea and the execution of an NFT project remains almost close to zero, GuardianLink has launched its no-code launchpad and marketplace.

With this technology, it becomes easy for almost anyone with the right idea to launch their own NFTs in an exclusive launchpad and not a cluttered open marketplace. Our team also goes ahead and gives its expertise in executing projects with avenues of knowledge spread across creativity, art, technology, creation of attributes, and marketing.

It is this enablement solution that helped GuardianLink launch India's first celebrity NFT featuring Amitabh Bachchan. It is the same no-code platform that launched the frustrating platform of the first-ever Indian superhero co-created by the legendary Stan Lee. It is the same awesomeness that launched the world's first P2E cricket NFTs on

The Layer2 Solution

How many times have you come across extremely affordable NFTs only to notice that the transaction/gas fees are significantly higher than the cost of the NFT itself? This has become a deterrent not only for purchases but also for creators. Let us all admit it! We do not want to pay for the auxiliaries more than the product itself!

Keeping this in mind, GuardianLink has launched its Layer2 solution that gives you an assurance of zero gas fees. This would mean that trading NFTs would be significantly cheaper and affordable.

GuardianLink has launched this zero gas fee platform as a second layer of the Ethereum blockchain. The partnership with StarkWare helped GuardianLink get a step closer to its dream of making NFTs available, affordable, and accessible for all!

Closing Words

What GuardianLink aspires to create for the future is a completely sustainable and affordable NFT ecosystem not only for collectors and purchasers but also for brands and creators. We are taking it one step at a time!

Sometimes, it might seem that we are a bit too hasty and we are a bit too much into the future... But we feel it is perfectly all right to be the harbinger and the pioneer of certain things even if it means waiting for the future to make it happen!

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