What will the metaverse future look like in India?


What is Metaverse:

The evolution of technology has always enhanced human survival for a benefit. But when one highlights the advancement of metaverse, it is questionable if it's a necessity or a possession for luxury. Before, having concerns over what category it falls, it becomes primary for an individual to understand the purpose that metaverse is here to serve.

Metaverse, a virtual universe that enables enormous possibilities, beyond human imagination. This ensures every individual accessing it has an experience like never before. The term “Metaverse” originated in 1992, but since the emergence of the web3 domain, the term is in talks more prominently.

Metaverse in India:

The boom of the metaverse has made an impact in India, no doubt. But how it has, is again a question of necessity, and a lot of awareness that is required. Metaverse in India, has become mainstream as major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad are accumulating massive industries who are entering the metaverse space. Big industries like fashion, automobiles, sports, entertainment and even beauty are exploring their ideas and strategies with a metaverse option that promises one of a kind experience for their user base.

As a start of metaverse and its unique experience, launching NFTs becomes primary. Right from Rolls Royce in automobiles, to Dolce & Gabbanna in fashion, international names are playing it big in the metaverse and its existence. NFT collection in India has made big buzz in crypto as well as the finance market, gaming industry taking a toll when it comes to P2E format. Considering the boom if metaverse in recent years, India and its entities be it service sector, automobile space, fashion industry, entertainment or even sports, India has already set the bar with various popular projects.

Metaverse in Sports:

Jump.trade is an NFT marketplace solely developed by GuardianLink that features gaming NFTs and in short a pathway that enables the user to witness enormous meta possibilities.On 22nd April’22, Jump.trade, launched World's First Cricket Game NFT Collection/ Meta Cricket League NFTs. Setting up a record of 55,000 NFTs getting sold in just nine minutes.

Not just that, Sikhar Dawan, a well known Indian Cricketer, has announced his step into the metaverse where one can expect experience like never before. MAssive stadium, unbelievable user experience, key utilities and more.

Future of Metaverse in India:

India brands and celebrities are creating a big buzz around the metaverse and its existence. However, understanding the Indian market and the history of web3 in India, the country holds a long way ahead.

WIth prominent names like Amitabh BAchchan, Salman Khan and Kamal Hassan making a mark into the NFT world, and on the other hand artists like MAnish MAlhotra making a statement with his fashion NFTs, INdia has made sure, to be on par with the trend and its solid economy that metaverse unfolds. The future of the metaverse in India is crystal clear and it's evolving at the right pace.

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