"Why Guardianlink wants to make NFTs accessible to all. "


GuardianLink is a one-of-a-kind entity with a vision of making NFTs accessible to all. GuardianLink is the destination for every creator, artist, celebrity, brand, and NFT aspirants across the globe. As an initial association, GuardianLink launched the Amitabh NFT collection on the platform BeyondLife.club. We made a statement that NFTs are here to stay, and on the other hand, made Amitabh Bachchan NFTs available to all via its trademark concept of the Loot Box.

The NFT economy GuardianLink has created :

GuardianLink assures global presence and also targets to create a niche market for NFTs in India. By launching BigB NFTs, we have made a statement on how NFTs can be bought for as low as $10, which can get enormous returns too. Since the start, GuardianLink, with its aim to make NFTs accessible to everyone, made sure the culture of LootBox is carried forward with every launch and its drops.

We created a marketplace where OG holders of all the NFT collections launched by GuardianLink can do their best trades possible.

The launch of Jump.trade, a sole creation of GuardianLink did set a higher standard for gaming NFTs in India and across the globe. Again, the entity made sure to withhold the vision by dropping the Super Loot for $25 each, which has NFTs in a pack of two. Launched on 22nd Apr '22, the World’s First P2E CricketNFT collection of about 55000 NFTs got sold out in under just 9 mins. On 4th May '22, Jump.trade marketplace was launched where every NFT holder could trade and witness supreme results.

The Jump.trade marketplace successfully created an ecosystem where NFT sellers and NFT buyers are present frequently. Ensuring a secured and error-free transaction and trading of NFTs, GuardianLink has created yet another history with Meta Cricket League NFT collection and its demand.

The NFT economy created by this ecosystem has so far given only positive takeaways for every NFT holder. Holding these NFTs entitles the holders to a one-of-a-kind utility that Meta Cricket League (MCL), which justifies the spectrum of how well the gaming/NFT economy has developed, only for the betterment.

How the future road looks like:

GuardianLink, has been a pioneer in the space by launching back-to-back prominent NFT collections. Every launch gives a message, setting a benchmark and building credibility amidst the users that inculcates the value and future aspects of holding an NFT.

We are glad to have created such a forum where users feel confident, and experience reliability and accountability for the digital collectibles that are launched. An ecosystem has been created, from the scratch, be it the product, the platform or the community. GuardianLink stands accountable for every process and its norms. Going forward, the globe can only expect more benchmarks and several histories to be created with time, which sums up why GuardianLink wants to make NFTs accessible to all.

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